ProFicient is a proven quality hub that delivers manufacturing intelligence to improve quality, decrease costs and help manufacturers make smarter business decisions. The platform includes an extensive set of features that help you take control of quality at each point of the manufacturing process.

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Data Collection & Integration | Real-Time Monitoring & Analysis |
Workflow Management | Advanced Reporting Suite | Unified Data Repository

Data Collection and Integration Features

Plant Floor Interface
Operator friendly interface helps users easily enter required data. Fully customisable, intuitive and highly visual.

Universal Data Connectors
Prebuilt suite of connectors and data exchange processes that enables data collection and integration from virtually any data collection point or system.

Configurable Data Collection
Different degrees of automation for data collection and integration available. ProFicient permits Manual Data Collection, Semi-Automatic Data Collection and Automated Data Integration.

Mobile Data Collection
Browser or mobile-device method of collecting data in untethered fashion. Easily configurable, it extends the data collection arm of the quality hub.

Multi-Plant Integration
Option to consolidate data from different databases, from other corporate sites, from suppliers, no matter where geographically located.

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Real-Time Monitoring & Analysis Features

Real-Time Updates

Charts, dashboards and reports immediately update when data is entered.

Statistical Control Charts and Visuals.
In addition to the wide variety of reports and statistical analyses, ProFicient has available over 300 types of control charts, to support long and short-run applications and displays for both attributes and variables data.

Early Warning Indicators
If alarms occur, ProFicient can generate process events, save them to the database and email them to anyone across the globe. Additionally, charts and dashboards change colour. Visual indications can display both on the shop floor and through the plant.

Remote Monitoring Service
Automated, intelligent monitoring of data streams can look for statistical violations or out of specification events.

Quality Event Dashboard
Provides real-time view of the entire manufacturing enterprise for managers, supervisors and other key quality team personnel.

Control Chart Dashboard
Real-time monitoring interface highlights colour-coded control charts for easy interpretation by users.

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Workflow Management Features

Process Alarms
Visual indicators on the Plant Floor Interface of a statistical rule violation in the process or of data out of definition specification limits.

Automated Alerts
Condition-based communications to staff members over email/SMS.

Dynamic Sampling Workflow
Provides operators with a timed checklist for scheduled quality checks and automatically reminds users when data collection is needed. If process state conditions change, it dynamically alters data collection requirements.

Closed Loop Control
System automatically monitors quality data, and if a specific event occurs the software can launch pre-defined responses from third-party machine controllers, user-specified files, or applications.

Assignable Cause / Corrective Action
Ability to enter Assignable Cause Codes (ACCS) and Corrective Action Codes (CACs). Once entered, these comments can show up in real time on the control chart.

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Advanced Reporting Suite Features

ProFicient™ InSight

Dynamic, web-based portal, which delivers a dashboard view of KPIs and quality metrics including OEE, to anywhere in the world. Access the information through any browser—whether on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Customisable Reports & Visualisations
With just a few clicks, design and customise the chart, graph or report for specific quality management needs or for other parts of the organisation.

Multi-level Data Mining
Robust analytical tool permits users to slice and dice the data across many different dimensions (line, product, geographic region, supplier, etc…)

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Unified Data Repository Features

Unified Data Repository

ProFicient stores the data in a highly normalised relational structure. Each data value carries a unique ID.

Data Selector
Users can navigate and choose the data relevant to their analysis without any system limitations.

Universal Setups & Changes
Simplified approach to database setup and maintenance. Any change (e.g. part number alteration) only needs to be entered once for a global update.

Analysis Preparation
Table structure and storage approach ensures that values and related items enable downstream analysis.

Statistical Analysis Engine
Highly functional statistical engine that can process and efficiently manage data from any number of sources and limit access control from any number users.

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*Feature set based on product addons selected.