Deployment Options

We’ve designed the ProFicient platform to be flexible. We offer two standard deployment models: ProFicient on Demand, a secure cloud-based model, and ProFicient on Premise – a standard locally installed per-license model. You can also opt for a hybrid deployment of both approaches.

Proficient on Demand

Software-as-a-service, cloud model where InfinityQS hosts and manages your instance of ProFicient in our cloud.

  • Fast track deployment
  • Scalable
  • Supplier friendly for data collection
  • Combine if needed with On Premise for hybrid approach
  • No database servers required
  • Minimises IT burden
  • Automatic, seamless updates/upgrades
  • Monthly billing structure
  • Low initial investment
  • 24/7 support of system availability
  • Third-party provided, network-secure and reliably available environment

Technical Considerations

  • Corporate IT investment strategy
  • Comfort with SaaS
  • Reoccurring fee
  • Support and maintenance included in monthly fee
  • Can be moved to On Premise at any time

Proficient on Premise

ProFicient on Premise is designed to be hosted at your location on your hardware behind your firewall. With ProFicient on Premise, you can deploy and administer your Unified Data Repository in a traditional fashion – purchasing licenses up front, taking our training classes and maintaining it with your own staff and resources.

  • Maintain software on own servers and hardware
  • Combine if needed with On Demand for hybrid approach
  • Greater control over administration of software and servers
  • IT staff manages application installation and updates
  • Application resides behind your own firewall within your own infrastructure

Technical Considerations

  • IT personnel requirements
  • Investments in server/storage infrastructure
  • Corporate IT investment strategy
  • Availability of IT resources
  • Capital expenditure budget line item
  • Support and maintenance via yearly AMA.
  • Can be moved to On Demand at any time