We often hear from our customers that they chose ProFicient because it’s a powerful, intelligent real-time SPC software solution that’s easy to manage and integrate. Leading manufacturers have standardised on ProFicient because it combines powerful data collection and analysis features with automated functionality to provide a comprehensive quality management solution for any organisation.

See how ProFicient can work with your unique manufacturing processes to help you increase operational efficiency, improve product quality and achieve significant cost savings.

Measurable Results

We recently conducted a survey of our clients to quantify the results of using ProFicient SPC software. Hundreds of clients responded with documented savings in several key metrics. The average results are as follows:

  • 12.7% Weekly Scrap Reduction
  • 14.3% Man-hour Rework Reduction
  • 12.9% Defect Cost Reduction
  • 14.1% Warranty Claim Reduction
  • 14.4% Data Collection Time Reduction
  • 17.1% Report Time Reduction

Cost Reduction

Every year, our customers save millions of dollars by cutting down on scrap and rework while optimising process performance. With numbers like these, ProFicient provides a strong ROI in both large and small-scale implementations. In today’s challenging economic environment, with its shrinking corporate budgets, companies like yours need investments that rapidly yield quantifiable returns. ProFicient is the tool to help you do just that.

Recall Prevention

Recalls cost manufacturers billions of dollars each year in production losses and damage to their brands’ reputation. ProFicient provides complete visibility into both your internal and supplier quality data, minimising the possibility of costly recalls.

Operational Efficiency

ProFicient helps you minimise machine downtime by giving you a better understanding of your processes, allowing you to schedule maintenance that causes as little disruption as possible. SPC reveals the unique “personalities” of each of your processes, so you can determine how best to maximise performance and minimise costs.

Supplier Monitoring

ProFicient on Demand is our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that features provide real-time visibility into your suppliers’ shop floor quality data. View supplier data in real-time and work collaboratively with your suppliers to mitigate supply chain risk and minimise costs across the value chain. ProFicient on Demand allows organisations to compare supplier performance and reward those suppliers demonstrating the highest quality levels.

Smooth Integration

Most SPC software solutions only operate in a specific IT environment with technical requirements that may be unfamiliar to your IT personnel. With ProFicient’s unsurpassed flexibility, your IT team can implement and deploy InfinityQS software easily and quickly - within virtually any infrastructure. Running your SPC software within a familiar framework is just another way ProFicient saves your company time, resources and costs.

Industry Compliance

InfinityQS clients span a diverse mix of regulated manufacturing industries. ProFicient’s extensive list of features helps companies comply with various regulations within their industries. Whether you face audit and traceability requirements, net content requirements or electronic record requirements, we can help.