To help you get the most out of your SPC system, InfinityQS staffs our on-site services with skilled quality experts including Certified Quality Engineers, Industrial Statisticians and Six Sigma Black Belts. Each member of our services team has valuable manufacturing experience. This expertise combined with a depth of knowledge in ProFicient’s powerful capabilities helps clients to quickly generate a return on investment.

Find out how InfinityQS Professional Services can help you:

Get Started

When you need to get things started down the right road and get it done quickly, our RapidStart implementation services are the best choice.

  • RapidStart Phase 1 ensures that clients are up and running in 5 business days or less, are collecting data and benefiting from real-time visibility.
  • Rapid Start Phase 2 builds upon Phase 1, focusing on incorporating automated data collection methods from solely manual operator input to electronic data collection.

Expand Deployment

After completion of RapidStart, clients typically turn their focus to automation of process-specific data collection. InfinityQS will assist your Quality Team in completing the SPC software deployment to:

  • Collect process data such as machine speeds, feeds and temperatures
  • Develop a complete picture of product and process quality for analysts
  • Automatically integrate data from other systems such as MES or ERP
  • Capture and share metrics and activities from across the production process
  • Update reporting to include additional data sources

Complete Enterprise-wide Deployment

When you need to get InfinityQS up and running on a large scale, quickly and efficiently, our expert engineering services are available. Enterprise-wide deployments offer organisations the ability to complete their entire implementation across all facilities and into their supply chains while relying on our experts. The database structure is organised and populated, correct statistical tools are selected, projects are developed, workstations and gages are setup and all appropriate training is conducted.

SPC Training

Maximise your InfinityQS investment. Our trainers will come on site to your facility or you can attend training classes in our Washington dc training centre. Learn how to get the best results out of ProFicient and SPC by enrolling your team in InfinityQS’ valuable training offerings. Learn more >>

Leverage our Expertise

Draw on our experience to evaluate your systems, create customised solutions, identify process gaps or just get an extra pair of helping hands. We offer on-site gap analysis, site assessments and creating a road map for your organisation and integration into existing business systems such as LIMS, ERP and MES systems.


InfinityQS offers validation services ranging from user requirements specification (URS) to performance qualification (PQ). Our team of experts draw from years of experience and are available to assist clients throughout the entire validation process.

  • Problem Identification
  • User Requirements Specification (URS)
  • Functional Specification (FS)
  • Installation Qualification (IQ) (Installation Verification)
  • Operational Qualification (OQ)
  • Performance Qualification (PQ)
  • Validation Summary Report (VSR)

Custom Development

InfinityQS provides the Custom Software License (CSL). Using the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that are provided, extending the functionality of ProFicient to meet your most unique and challenging needs can be just a few lines of code away. Contact your global account manager for more information about CSL