Why leading manufacturers choose ProFicient

Today’s manufacturers face heightened competition and consumer expectations, more complex supply chains and stricter regulatory requirements. To address all these challenges, leading manufacturers implement InfinityQS ProFicient, the leading real-time Manufacturing Intelligence platform.

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  • Collect and analyse quality data in real-time
  • Integrate and centrally store data from other manufacturing systems
  • Gain necessary intelligence to reduce waste, scrap and rework
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Gain Manufacturing Intelligence with the ProFicient Platform

Data Collection & Integration

Simplify data collection and seamlessly integrate with manufacturing floor software and equipment. Operator friendly interface is fully customisable, intuitive and highly visual.

Real-Time Monitoring & Analysis

Gain real-time visibility of quality data via ProFicient charts, reports and dashboards. Enable staff to proactively control processes and stay in front of any quality-related problems.

Workflow Management

Increase team efficiency through automated workflows - reminders, timers and alerts - and create a standardised approach to collecting key data across the enterprise.

Advanced Reporting Suite

Generate and distribute reports ‘on-the-fly’ to provide the manufacturing intelligence needed to ensure process control, to meet Lean or Six Sigma requirements and to continually improve quality.

Unified Data Repository

Unify all of your quality data into a single, easily maintained quality hub. Centralise information from across your plant, region and even suppliers.